Beyond a Mammogram

Who we are:  Beyond A Mammogram is a philanthropic division of Ace In The Soul, Incorporated.  Ace In The Soul, Inc. is a music record label and production company.

Beyond A Mammogram’s mission is to:

    • Greatly increase the conversations (between girlfriends, mothers and daughters, families and friends) about
                • Knowing your breast cancer risk,
                • Regularly performing breast self-exams,
                • Knowing your breast topography (that is, know the texture of your breast - smooth, dense, fibrous, etc.)
    • Raise $1 million dollars for breast cancer research.  (This money will be raised by selling wristbands with music download cards, and matching gifts from corporate donors.)

Where the money goes:  The $1 million dollars will be donated to the University of Chicago, Dr. Olunfumilayo Olopade’s breast cancer research initiatives.

University of Chicago Medicine

To become a corporate donor go to Contact Us.

A website devoted to breast cancer research, prevention, and early detection.

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